Photo by Colin Stoecker

Author/ Umarah Mughnee

Social distancing might be hard, but starting a workout doesn’t have to be. Here are some workouts for each zodiac sign:

*Cue Signs by Beyonce*

Aries | Leo | Cancer | Pisces | Scorpio | Taurus | Sagittarius | Virgo | Libra | Capricorn | Aquarius


You feed off of intense “highs” and we have a solution. Get your serotonin soaring with a HIIT workout to keep your mind busy and your energy UP. Try this:

[5 Sets, :40 sec on, :15 sec off]

Burpees, Rest, Jump Squats, Rest, High Knee Sprint, Rest, Plank, Rest


You like to be in the spotlight, and we love to see it. For you? Try an Online Workout Challenge. See 10 pushups, Do 10 — but why stop there? See 50, do 50 or mix it up with 3 sets of 30. . .online tho.


Pilates, breathing, stretching, and strengthening. Get out of bed and take it slow; this is a perfect way to come out of your shell. Cosmopolitan listed 23 of the best pilates workouts you can do right in your home. Start now, you have no excuse. 


Yoga. Maybe sit in savasana for a couple of minutes, maybe hours, days? Trust me, this is better than being in your feelings. Take a load off and airplay this yoga video on the tv. 


Release some of that intensity, just not on the world. Let it out, in a healthy way. Box the air or a workout on a body bag if one is available. Yes, you guessed it, Kickboxing. Here’s a kickboxing workout to try. 


It’s your season! You’re grounded and steadfast, so level your body by focusing on the core. How about this:

(3x) superset of Plank 1:00, Wall Sits 1:00, Superman :30 secs.


You like to keep it real, so how about some bodyweight training. This superset will keep you honest with yourself, how fit are you? 

(4x) superset, 20 Push Ups, 10 Pull Ups, 400’s

*Don’t have a track? Run around your apartment building or the block. One lap equals one “400”.


This will make your twin personalities get along. Try this superset to work both sides of you:

(3x) superset

Mountain Climbers 20 each leg

Bounce Lunges 10 each leg

Single-Leg Deadlift 10 each leg


Your detailed oriented spirit will jump for joy with this targeted-toning superset. Pay special attention to the speed of your workout. Slower is better for strengthening and toning. Use a resistance band.

(5x) superset

20 ADL Calf Raises

20 Deadlifts 

25 Decline Pushups


You’re all about balance, so your workout should be just that. Check out this full-body superset so your indecisive-nature can be at ease when it comes to what body section to focus on. 

(3x) supersets

20 Burpees

20 Kettlebell Swings

20 Box Jumps [or] Step-Ups


Stop! Stop! Stop! We see you STILL trying to get work done for your job. Let’s lay low for a little bit. Go out for a run. For each chorus on your favorite songs, push yourself a bit harder and run more relaxed when the chorus is over. Here are some places around DC that are still open to the public to close your cardio activity circles. 

WWII Memorial

Rock Creek Park

Great Falls National Park


You’re eccentric by nature, and we have the perfect solution to mix up your workout. Try some squats…with one caveat. Instead of using weights, use a 40-pack of water, your 30-pound dog, or even a gallon of juice. Here’s your superset:

(3x) supersets

15 Sumo Squats

15 Jump Squats

15 Pulse Squats


Photo by Colin Stoecker

Author/ Umarah Mughnee

This is when the real training begins: when you, the ambitious athlete, sees your limit, creeps up to it, and then passes it. You pushed past the very limit where you thought you could go no further. You fought the antagonist called “doubt” and put it six-feet-under with grit, determined thoughts, and deep breaths. And now, you, our fearless competitor, stands high and mighty, feeling invincible. Because YOU, victor in your life, have pushed yourself to failure, again and again, just to be reborn in this moment. YOU, strong like a bull, are consistent, deliberate and tenacious. All because YOU were courageous enough to go the extra mile. 

Going the extra mile is when the real training begins for any athlete. Take training for a marathon, to name an example. We all know marathons are 26.2 miles, but what happens after that? In this case, the 27th mile metaphorically pays tribute to everything that happens before and after the run to make sure we keep getting better and better.

Now introducing our new blog: The 27th Mile. Our blog is meant to discuss, guide, and have a conversation about the many different ways in which you can go the extra mile with all aspects of your health. D.C. Run Crew wants to be here for you when it comes to not only your physical wellness, but your spiritual, social, and mental wellness alike. It takes a village; let’s lean on each other to make going the extra mile not just a one-time thing — but a lifestyle.

That’s what we believe. In tandem with our newsletters, events, travel opportunities, and workouts, The 27th Mile wants to provide a deeper connection with our tribe of athletes. Here are some of the ways that you can increase your involvement with the tribe:

  • Our newsletters provide mid-week motivation from Coach Frank and are also there to keep you in the know about upcoming events and workouts. Sign up for our newsletters here.


  • When outside opens up again, D.C. Run Crew hosts accountability groups for different fitness events throughout the city. These include: Spartan Races, Cherry Blossom Runs, Women’s Half Marathons, and many more. Click this link to view upcoming events. 


  • We don’t care what anyone says, traveling is self-care. That’s why we host different travel events for the crew to get together, but this time on a beach. Reserve your spot for where we’re going next. 


  • There’s a high chance you already know about our bread and butter workout events. YES! Our Monday HIIT & Runs. Due to quarantine and social distancing, we are still at it, but on Instagram Live instead of in-person. Join our next Monday HIIT & Run, Monday 6:30pm.


  • When you look good, you feel good and you perform even better. Buy a t-shirt or hat at our online store. Be truly part of the crew. 

Read our blog now for tips, tricks, hacks, and conversations about our culture and lifestyle of going the 27th mile for your overall health.


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