Photo by Colin Stoecker

Author/ Umarah Mughnee

This is when the real training begins: when you, the ambitious athlete, sees your limit, creeps up to it, and then passes it. You pushed past the very limit where you thought you could go no further. You fought the antagonist called “doubt” and put it six-feet-under with grit, determined thoughts, and deep breaths. And now, you, our fearless competitor, stands high and mighty, feeling invincible. Because YOU, victor in your life, have pushed yourself to failure, again and again, just to be reborn in this moment. YOU, strong like a bull, are consistent, deliberate and tenacious. All because YOU were courageous enough to go the extra mile. 

Going the extra mile is when the real training begins for any athlete. Take training for a marathon, to name an example. We all know marathons are 26.2 miles, but what happens after that? In this case, the 27th mile metaphorically pays tribute to everything that happens before and after the run to make sure we keep getting better and better.

Now introducing our new blog: The 27th Mile. Our blog is meant to discuss, guide, and have a conversation about the many different ways in which you can go the extra mile with all aspects of your health. D.C. Run Crew wants to be here for you when it comes to not only your physical wellness, but your spiritual, social, and mental wellness alike. It takes a village; let’s lean on each other to make going the extra mile not just a one-time thing — but a lifestyle.

That’s what we believe. In tandem with our newsletters, events, travel opportunities, and workouts, The 27th Mile wants to provide a deeper connection with our tribe of athletes. Here are some of the ways that you can increase your involvement with the tribe:

  • Our newsletters provide mid-week motivation from Coach Frank and are also there to keep you in the know about upcoming events and workouts. Sign up for our newsletters here.


  • When outside opens up again, D.C. Run Crew hosts accountability groups for different fitness events throughout the city. These include: Spartan Races, Cherry Blossom Runs, Women’s Half Marathons, and many more. Click this link to view upcoming events. 


  • We don’t care what anyone says, traveling is self-care. That’s why we host different travel events for the crew to get together, but this time on a beach. Reserve your spot for where we’re going next. 


  • There’s a high chance you already know about our bread and butter workout events. YES! Our Monday HIIT & Runs. Due to quarantine and social distancing, we are still at it, but on Instagram Live instead of in-person. Join our next Monday HIIT & Run, Monday 6:30pm.


  • When you look good, you feel good and you perform even better. Buy a t-shirt or hat at our online store. Be truly part of the crew. 

Read our blog now for tips, tricks, hacks, and conversations about our culture and lifestyle of going the 27th mile for your overall health.


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