Author / Drea Osborne

Spirituality is a broad concept. Basically, it’s a sense of connection to something greater than ourselves. It can give people values, a source of comfort, or even a meaning to life. 

But if you want specifics, I can’t give that to you. Why? Because it can mean something completely different for each person.

For example, spirituality can be: religion, talking to your ancestors, using crystals, incense meditation, and fasting. But it doesn’t stop there. Whatever one deems as spiritual to them, is practicing spirituality. 

Since I can’t talk about all things spiritual, I’ll talk to you about what it means to me.

What made you believe in spirituality?

I was raised in a Christian household, so for me God was always guiding my life. But honestly, my spiritual life didn’t really start growing until I became an adult and even more so in the past 5 years. This growth happened when I felt abandoned, experienced abuse, and some other not-so-pleasant experiences that challenged my outlook on life. Honestly, the fact that despite these events and not only did I still have my positive outlook, but I’ve also been blessed afterwards encourages my belief that there is something greater out there. Somebody watching over me.

What makes you want to be spiritual?

Being spiritual gives me something to believe in and values to work towards. Also it encourages me to put my petty feelings to the side and treat others well, even when it’s hard. The way I look at it is I’ve been mistreated, so let me treat others good and hopefully it’ll be infectious. 

What are 3 ways in which you practice spirituality?


I read the bible.

I do yoga followed by meditation.

I pray.


The benefits that are included in practicing spirituality are vast. It can decrease stress, blood pressure, increase gratitude, and positivity which will uplift your mood, and it can even enhance relationships, romantic and platonic.

So now, I want you to take a deep breath, in and out. Take a minute for yourself and visualize a place where you find your peace. What does that look like? How do you practice your spirituality?